Our Programs

Ikhae offers many different programs to assist women


Ikhae started training programs to teach baking and marketing of pastries and cookies on social media. The trainees have a choice to work with Ikhae or create their own small business.

Collaboration with Project Fiasco

Working with Project Fiasco, IKHAE is cleaning beaches in Rabat. This helps make the environment better for our children.

Working with Embassies

Ikhae connects embassies with the people of Morocco by facilitating programs and workshops. The Finnish Embassy funded Ikhaeto provide educational programs to stop harassment.


Advocated to provide pre-schooling for children where previously it was unavailable.

Education Programs

Ikhae connects volunteers from all over the world to provide educational programs to Moroccan women and children.

Empowering Women 

Conduct educational programs to empower women. Help them gain independence and self-sufficiency


IKHAE has published a book to educate women and men about anti-harassment.


Donors, such as Credit du Maroc, the American Marines, and Ladies Circle, to name a few, have generously donated items, which IKHAE distributes to local families and refugees in need.


Ikhae helps enrich local Kindergarten programs by connecting volunteers for a variety of enhancement activities. One example is Crescendo Baby Music donating their time to provide free music classes for children in the Akkari area.

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