Our Programs

Here are some of our activities 

Thanking Marines for Donations

American Marines donate items to Rabat preschools.

Collaboration with Project Fiasco

KHAE is working with Project Fiasco to clean beaches in Rabat. This provides jobs and helps make the environment better for our children.

Project Fiasco Social Enterprise
Kindergarten Enrichment

KHAE helps enrich local Kindergarten programs by connecting volunteers for a variety of enhancement activities

Music Classes

Crescendo Baby Music partnering with IKHAE to provide ongoing music classes for the preschool in Akkari.

Meeting with the Ambassador of Finland

The Finnish Embassy funded Ikhae to provide educational programs to stop harassment. 

Donation Programs

Donors, such as Credit du Maroc, have generously given needed items to the women support by Ikhae

Anti-harassment Book

Ikhae has published a book to educate women and men about anti-harassment.

Education Programs

Ikhae connects volunteers from all over the world to provide educational programs to Moroccan women and children

Saida Kouzi

Saida Kouzi, a lawyer funded by the Netherland’s Embassy, teaching women about their rights. 

Community Involvement

Community members preparing programs for men and women

Training Programs

Conduct educational programs to empower women. Help them gain independence and self-sufficiency.


Provide preschooling for children where previously it was unavailable.

International Collaboration

Collaborate with women’s groups around the world with how to keep our streets safe.

Skills Development

Showcase the women of Ikhae’s works and develop ways to sell their wares.


Act as advocates for women and children in need. Provide support for these families. 

Anti-harassment Training

Ikhae organises, with the support of donors, anti-harassment training

Safe Cities

Organise programs to teach young men the importance of ending sexual harassment towards women.

Mme l'Ambassadeur Finlande et Monsieur le coordinateur de l'Entraide National avec Association Ikhae

Posted by Mina Ikhae on Sunday, December 9, 2018
Ambassador of Finland

The Ambassador of Finland has visited Ikhae’s new centre